Ahpa Tea Tea and Coffee

“Ahpa”, means father in Lahu tribal language and creating this sustainability oriented brand is to extend fatherly support to people at Doi Pumuen community while preserving our unique Eco system. We strive to deliver range of organically grown tea and coffee products which brings essence of undomesticated Camelia Sinensis Assamica tea leaves and Arabica beans grows above 1300 meters from sea level in the wilderness of Chiang Mai.

Ahpa Tea 

Apart from facts such as growing in unique location at higher elevation, zero use of chemical fertilizers we pride our selves for processing tea without machines even at present. As our goal is to provide income for our community, we let as much as people involved from picking tea leaves until finish product.       

Hand picked,

single origin Camelia Sinensis Assamica Tea leaves

Our Tea

Drink tea with bamboo cup ....
Use of nature friendly materials where possible

Tea product

Our home factory

Ahpa Coffee

At Doi Pumuen, coffee beans are large because they are grown at a height of 1,300 meters above sea level and in a very cold climate. They require a longer period of time to ripen, but in the process acquire a special aroma. They are cultivated on the eastern side of mountain which receives gentle sunlight in the morning which is perfect for coffee beans. Every cup of Ahpa coffee you drink will bring a smile and sense of pride to Lahu community at Doi Pumeun.