Tea leaf and Coffee

Whole tea leaf and Coffee are Organic from pumuen mountain
Tea leaf & Coffee bean
We are offer the best tea leaf and coffee bean
hand plucked, premium whole leaf tea harvested from
Pumuen mountain.


Tea plantation
#Assam tea plantations on doi pumuen
Assam tea Doi pumuen #Fang
#Categories of tea & coffee at pumuen mountain 1.White Tea 2.Assam Tea 3.Wild tea
Roasted tea
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How to making tea aassam
#Brewing tea
Tea from northern Thailand
#Wild tea from northern Thailand. Only once a year to pick it.
Drink tea with bamboo cup ....
#Drink tea with bamboo cup ….


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Ahpatea #Coffee
Coffee Doi Pumuen

Ahpa Coffee

Our offee beans are large because they are grown at a height of 1,300 feet above sea level and in a very cold climate. They require a longer period of time to repen, but in the process acquire a special aroma.

Doi Pumuen coffee beans are plated on the side of the mountain facing east, and this allows them to receive the gentle morning sunlight which perfect the beans.

Every cup of Ahpa coffee you drink will bring a smile and seanse of pride to the Lahu village of Doi Pumuen.